Pregnant Helen Flanagan Is Certain That She Is Having A Baby Boy, Wants To Name Him Flynn


Helen Flanagan confirmed her pregnancy just last month, and she has now opened up about the highs and lows of pregnancy – namely that she can’t stop puking.

Erm, lovely stuff.

Speaking to OK! magazine, the former Coronation Street star turned I’m A Celebrity legend has shared that at times her morning-noon-and-night sickness has actually left her bed-ridden, which sounds like the absolute opposite of fun.

The 24-year-old revealed: “I couldn’t get out of bed some days because I was throwing up so much.

“At the most I’d be sick five times a day.”

The actress has previously opened up about her struggle with nausea, tweeting a seasonal meme of Buddy the Elf over Christmas, which read:  “I love morning sickness, nausea is my favourite!”

At least Helen can see the funny side, eh?

And despite the constant vomming she and her boyfriend, Scott Sinclair, are absolutely over the moon that they are finally expecting a little’un, which, by the way, Helen reckons is a boy.

She dished: “I’m convinced that I am having a boy and I love the name Flynn.”

Well, it looks like celebs will be carrying the ‘Disney character baby names’ theme over to 2015 then.

Helen also added: “I’m so, so happy. I can’t wait to have my baby.

“A mum really is everything I’ve genuinely wanted to be. I think it’s the best thing you can be.

“We both feel ready to be parents now and we’re both over the moon to be sharing our first much longed-for child together.”

N’aww, has anybody else get a tear in their eye?

With the baby due in June, we still have a good few months until we find out for sure if Helen and Scott have a Flynn or a Rapunzel, but either way let’s just hope that the bundle of joy eases up on the whole ‘making-mummy-puke’ thing.

It’s just not cool, baby Flanners, it’s just not cool.

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