Pregnant Helen Flanagan Reckons She’s Having A Baby Boy – And It’s All Because Of Her Cravings

Helen Flanagan may not know the sex of her baby yet, but that doesn’t mean she’s already thinking about whether her little one will be a boy or a girl.

In fact, she reckons she’s got the whole thing figured out – and it’s all thanks to the food she’s been craving whilst she’s been with baby bump.

Helen’s theory?

Pregnant Helen Flanagan Reckons She's Having A Baby Boy - And It's All Because Of Her Cravings
By MazSight

That her craving for savoury food means she’s having a baby boy. Well, at least it’s a theory that we have genuinely heard before.

Yep, after posting a photo of her new blue sandals that apparently match her new pram, a source close to Helen has revealed that the 24-year-old is now pretty sure that she’ll be welcoming a mini Scott Sinclair in a few months time.

The source told Star Magazine: “Helen doesn’t know the sex of the baby yet, but she’s certain it’s a boy. She’s been craving savoury foods which she thinks is a clear sign.”

N’awww. A mini Scott sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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