Pregnant Helen Flanagan Reveals That She Is No Longer Struggling With Morning Sickness

Everybody can relax, Helen Flanagan has confirmed that she is no longer struggling with morning sickness. WE REPEAT, HELEN FLANAGAN IS NO LONGER STRUGGLING WITH MORNING SICKNESS.

Phew, fi.na.lly.

The pregnant star has been very open about her battle with nasty nausea ever since she announced that she was expecting back in December, even saying that the sickness was so bad she was left bedbound and unable to eat hot food.


Now, in a promotional plug for, erm, lollies on her MazSight account, Helen dropped the clanger that she was feeling a whole lot better as she approaches the fifth month of pregnancy.

The 24-year-old wrote: “I was sent a few weeks back some iced lollies that help with morning sickness called Lillipops.

“Luckily for me my morning sickness that I had for three months is pretty much gone, I only now feel sick if I am hungry.

“The lillipops did help when I was feeling really nauseous and I found them really helpful when doing jobs in the kitchen or being around food.”

Reckon she can send fellow morning sickness sufferers, Frankie Bridge, Abbey Clancy, and Kate Middleton a box of those bad boys?

Earlier this month, the former Corrie actress gifted her legions of Twitter followers with some more advice in the pregnancy department, sharing: “Good little tip if your struggling with morning sickness (and have not figured it out already) stick to cold meals as hot meals can bring a smell that can set off your sickness


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