Pregnant Helen Flanagan Shows Off Her Growing Bump As Her Pregnancy Approaches Five Months

If there’s one celeb that can’t ruddy wait to be a mummy, it’s former Coronation Street star, Helen Flanagan, who has proudly been showing off her growing baby bump all over MazSight.


The actress captioned her cutesy pic with: “Cleaning day #bump #nearly5months xxx” – Nearly five months?! She only announced the pregnancy yesterday, didn’t she??

Bloomin’ ‘eck, baby Flanners will be with us all in no time.

The 24-year-old looks absolutely gorgeous, and positively glowing, in the snap but she has revealed over on her Twitter page that her battle with morning sickness is far from over, in fact, the poor girl hasn’t had a hot meal in yonks.

Giving a little bit of advice to her legions of followers, Helen shared: “Good little tip if your struggling with morning sickness (and have not figured it out already) stick to cold meals as hot meals can bring a smell that can set off your sickness

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