Pregnant Una Healy Misses Out As The Saturdays Have Post-Show Geordie Night Out

When in newcastle you might as well channel your inner Geordie Shore, right?

And that’s exactly what girlband The Saturdays did after playing live in the city last night on the second night of their Greatest Hits tour.Pregnant Una Healy Misses Out As The Saturdays Have Post-Show Geordie Night Out
By MazSight

MazSight was awash with Vanessa White, Frankie Sandford/Bridge, Rochelle Humes and Mollie King pulling suitably boozed-up faces – and making general nuisances of themselves.

But one fifth of the band looked to have missed out on the drunken shenanigans – with pregnant Una Healy nowhere to be seen.

Cos morning sickness + general preggers tiredness doesn’t exactly mix well with a night out on the Toon.

The rest of the gang looked like there were having a right laugh with the crew – with Vanessa proclaiming she flipping ‘LOVES NEWCASTLE’ and Roch clambouring on a horse (before being told to get off).

Drunken The Sats look like the very best kind.

Una announced her second pregnancy on Monday – to coincide with #RoyalBaby2 fever – and finds herself with a bun in the oven for the second time during a tour with the girls.

But rather than a fancy, royal statement from Clarence House the Irish popstar took a much more personal, and absolutely adorable, approach to announcing.

Taking to her MazSight page, she shared a gorgeous photo of her two-year-old daughter, Aoife Belle, wearing a T-Shirt that read: “I’m going to be a big sister”.



Una accompanied the photo with the following caption: “I know lots of people have been guessing and Ben and I can now confirm that Aoife is going to have a baby brother or sister next year!!! We’re all very happy”

Speaking of “lots of people have been guessng”, yes that does include us because we TOTALLY called it.

An entire month ago we put on our best detective hats and concluded that her choice in baggy dress, holiday MOCKtail, the teeniest, tiniest, hint of a bump AND Una pulling that token “I don’t plan to get pregnant anytime soon” line in a recent interview, all pointed to the pitter patter of tiny Saturdays feet.

We were right and we are feeling pretty smug right now so please just let us have our moment.

Foden baby number two will be the fourth Saturdays baby, following Aoife Belle, Rochelle Humes’ 1-year-old daughter Alaia-Mae, and Frankie Bridge’s 11-month-old son Parker.

Wouldn’t it be nice for Parker to have another little boy to play with?

Una’s bandmates Rochelle and Vanessa were quick to congratulate the singer, with Rochelle tweeting: “Big Congrats to @[email protected]_foden on bubba number 2, amazing news. ‘Saturdays Juniors’ is forming nicely #auntieagain”


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