Prince Andrew had the sweetest reaction to Sarah Ferguson when the latter told him about another man that has been showing interest in her. At first, the Duchess of York was worried that coming clean would mean ending her budding relationship with the dad of two.

In her book “My Story,” the Duchess of York said that she desperately wanted to marry Prince Andrew shortly after she met her in Balmoral in the summer of 1986. But during that time, the mom of two saw Prince Andrew hanging out with another woman.

Fergie couldn’t complain about Prince Andrew hanging out with another woman because her link to Paddy McNally had just been exposed in Nigel Dempster’s “Diary” for the Daily Mail. The revelation made Ferguson worried because she thought that if Prince Andrew knew that someone else was interested in her, he would write her off.

“I took him aside and told him that I’d been going out with Paddy, and I hoped he didn’t mind,” Ferguson wrote. “Why should I mind – I like you! I couldn’t care less about that,” Prince Andrew replied. According to Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s reaction was very good.

The mom of two said that it became evident to her that Prince Andrew would take her on without prerequisites or conditions and this made her feel more confident. She stopped feeling jealous of Prince Andrew and his female friend because she was able to confirm the fact that Prince Andrew cared about her.

Prince Andrew and Ferguson tied the knot at Westminster Abbey just a few months after they first started dating. But even though their connection was strong, their marriage became short-lived. In her autobiography, Ferguson complained about not seeing Prince Andrew as often as she would have wanted.

She said that she soon felt very alone in the palace because her husband was never around. On top of this, they also had some problems that they weren’t able to fix.

Prince Andrew Confessed To ‘Liking’ Fergie After She Came Clean About Another Man Pictured: Prince Andrew, Ferguson attend the Virgin London Marathon on April 25, 2010 in London, England. on April 25, 2010 in London, England. photo: Getty images/Gareth Cattermole