Prince Andrew recently got into a feud with Queen Elizabeth II’s top aide, Tony Johnstone-Burt.

According to The Sun’s journalist Dan Wooton, the Duke of York has been under immense strain for the past two months after he was linked to the late Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual scandal and something in him snapped that day.

An insider revealed that the dad of two lost it. And he and Johnstone-Burt exchanged hurtful words, but they weren’t physical with each other.

“There was some talk a few months ago that Andrew was unhappy about moving out of his apartment during renovation work, but people are just speculating. They squared up to each other eyeball to eyeball,” the source said.

According to a source, Prince Charles urged his brother to apologize to the Queen’s top aide but he refused. The source said that Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband didn’t feel that there was a need to apologize to the royal staff.

After the reported feud between Prince Andrew and Johnstone-Burt was made public, the latter was asked if he had an altercation with his boss’ favorite son. The dad of five refused to answer the question.

A spokesperson for the palace said that a disagreement between a duke and a palace staff took place some time ago, but it has already been resolved.

According to Daily Mail, Prince Andrew got upset with the Queen’s staff because he was unable to book a room at the Buckingham Palace. The Duke of York wanted to use the room for his [email protected] initiative but was told that no room was available.

At first, Prince Andrew didn’t have a problem with being denied a room but he reportedly became upset at the royal staff after he kept talking about Prince Andrew’s initiative.

“Andrew was fine with that, but the aide then started speaking his mind about [email protected] It was like poking a bear… HRH turned on him and accused him of not listening and getting the wrong end of the stick… Andrew told him to go and have a word with his private secretary. It was more handbags than hand grenades,” the source said. 

Prince Andrew ‘Squared Up’ To Queen Elizabeth’s Top Aide; Prince Charles Demands Apology Prince Andrew said he was ‘appalled’ by allegations of sexual abuse surrounding Jeffrey Epstein after a video was released purporting to show him at the home of the convicted paedophile in 2010 photo: AFP / Andrew Cowie