Prince Charles previously made an offensive remark about Catholics during the Wedding of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. His controversial statement didn’t sit well with the Vatican.

In the article “Reflections on the Royal Wedding,” author Suzanne B. Geissler talked about how Prince Michael of Kent tried to convince the Vatican to allow him and his catholic wife to raise their children in the Church of England.

But rules suggest that parents of children born in a marriage of mixed religions should raise their kids in the Catholic faith. Before the royal couple tied the knot, Prince Michael of Kent tried to petition the Pope for a dispensation, but the latter said no.

As such, Prince Michael of Kent had to give up his position in the line of succession so that he could marry Princess Michael of Kent. The royal couple tied the knot in a civil ceremony in Vienna Town Hall in 1978.

“The newlyweds spent the night apart so that the bride could receive Communion the next morning at a private Mass. Once the marriage was consummated the bride would be automatically excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church,” Geissler said.

But the royal expert said that this isn’t where the controversy ended. On the day of the royal couple’s wedding, Prince Charles was asked to make a comment regarding what transpired. His statement addressing the Salvation Army offended a lot of people.

“It seems worse than folly that Christians are still arguing about doctrinal matters which can only bring needless distress to a number of people,” Prince Charles said. According to Geissler, the Vatican dubbed his statement as a sheer impertinence.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow said that Prince Charles caused annoyance to millions of Queen Elizabeth’s loyal subjects with his statement. But years later, the Catholic Church reversed its position with regards to the annulment of Prince Michael of Kent’s first marriage. The royal expert said that the decision may have to do with the heir to the throne’s prodding.

Prince Charles’ Remark About Catholics Called ‘Sheer Impertinence’ By The Vatican Prince Charles waves as he attends the Royal Cornwall Show on June 7, 2018 in Wadebridge, United Kingdom. photo: Getty images/Time Rooke