Prince Edward didn’t receive proper training and guidance before he went on his first walkabout with his brother and Queen Elizabeth. The dad of two recounted what it was like seeing massive crowds of people waiting for them.

During his interview with Rhiannon Mills for Sky News, the Earl of Wessex said that he had an awful realization when he arrived at the venue. Since the roads were packed with people, Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s husband realized that he and the other royal would have to walk through the corridors.

“I couldn’t even see the cars; they were around the corner – and our parents just set off and started talking to people.  And I thought: ‘Well, I can either walk down the middle like a complete lemon or…’ I think my brother was there as well, so we said: ‘You go that side, I’ll go this side’, but there was no instruction whatsoever,” he said.

Prince Edward said that he only received one piece of advice at that time and it had to do with shaking the hands of the public. He was told not to make the mistake of shaking even one person’s hand because this would mean that he would have to shake the hands of everyone else.

Meanwhile, Lady Louise Windsor’s dad also made headlines recently after a royal expert said that he would most likely suffer in his future role. In the book “Prince Edward,” royal author Ingrid Seward said that Prince Edward has drawn so much attention on his status as a private citizen.

Decades ago, he pleaded with the media to leave him and Sophie alone so that they could allow their relationship to progress.

“By choosing to handle the matter himself, rather than issuing a statement through Buckingham Palace, Edward (who no longer drew monies from the Civil List) was emphasizing his status as a probate citizen,” Seward said.

Prince Edward Didn’t Receive ‘Guidance,’ ‘Instructions’ Ahead Of His First Walkabout With Queen Pictured: Prince Edward attends an on-water capability demonstration by Royal Marines and HNLMS Zealand’s Marines on Oct. 24, 2018 in London, United Kingdom. photo: Getty images/Christopher Furlong