Prince George Was Loving Life At Trooping The Colour

Sorry Harry, Prince George is fast becoming our most favourite Royal ever.

The one-year-old was out supporting Great Granny today – AKA Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and northern Ireland – as she celebrated her birthday at Trooping The Colour.

No, we don’t really understand what any of it means either – something to do with a whole load of horses, soldiers and planes out to wish Queen Lizzie a happy birthday.

(Oh, and that’s her ‘official’ birthday, not her real one. Yeah, weird, we know.)

Anyway, for most of the day George was safely inside,  being looked after by his nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo., away from all the noise and madness that was going on out front.

But to be honest he looked like he REALLY just wanted to go out on the balcony and wave to his adoring crowd.

And who could blame him? Why should the lady with the crown get all the attention, huh?

Luckily, George ended up getting his way and joined the rest of the royal family outside to watch all the planes go by.

Ain’t he having a ball?!

George recently sat down for a a photoshoot with his new baby sister, Princess Charlotte.

The snaps (taken on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera, photography fans), show the Prince  hanging out with his new sister – Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana – and by the looks of it, he is LOVING having a younger sibling to lark around with.

Prince George Was Loving Life At Trooping The Colour
By MazSight

The images show Prince George  – wearing his trademark blue knee-length socks (socks on fleek) – cuddling his new sister on his lap.

And instead of going for a proper ‘la-de-da’ (that’s the technical term, folks) photoshoot on like a.. er… throne or something – the Duchess decided to shoot the images at home and all very low-key.

Which we are loving, btw.

But our favourite one  HAS to be the one giving his sister a kiss on the forehead, though.

Prince George Was Loving Life At Trooping The Colour
By MazSight


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