Prince Harry’s Birthday: His Cheekiest Pics

He’s part of a serious family.

But that doesn’t stop Prince Harry mucking about. The joker is probably the most fun member of the Royal Family (Prince George aside, obvs) and we *heart* his cheeky ways. He even poses for a funny Twitpic for goodness sake.

As Harry celebrates his 30th birthday today, we’re celebrating with the Prince’s cheekiest pics.

1. Cracking up Kate

Those Royal occasions go on for hours, don’t they? A one-way ticket to yawnsville surely.

Thank goodness for Hazza then, and his jolly japes to keep one amused during such ceremonies. Kate Middleton in particular benefits from Harry’s jokes. Just look at her happy face at the Trooping the Colour Celebration at Buckingham Palace June 2014. And just look at his cheeky face.

Ah to be a fly on the wall during that convo.

2. Harry’s schoolkid fun

Being surrounded by a bunch of school children would bring out the big kid in anyone.

And for a joker like Harry, it’s hardly surprising he got into the spirit by sticking out his tongue like any cheeky 8-year-old.

The Prince was at a sneak preview of the newly refurbished Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in April 2014 along with Boris Johnson. Being around Boris probs brought the kid out in him too.

Careful Harry, the wind might change.

3. Harry’s magic wand

One can only imagine what kind of “magic wand” jokes Harry was cracking when he cracked up KMidds and Prince William at the opening of Warner Bros Studios Leavesden in April 2013.

Wills is looking down at his wand as if the joke was on him. LOLZ.

4. Harry the impressionist

Watch out Alistair McGowan, Prince Harry is coming after your King of Impressions crown.

Harry did a convincing impression of Prince Charles on a visit to HM Naval Base in Portsmouth in March 2011. One is amused. One is most definitely amused.

5. Harry the bubble man

One of the sweetest things about Harry is how he interacts with kids.

He lets them do whatever they want to him, including blowing bubbles in his face. Just look at his cheeky grin as he tries to duck as six-year-old Alex Burke, winner of the Bravest Child Award, blows bubbles at him during the WellChild awards in London in September 2009.

Harry, you make us ROFL. Keep up the sterling job, HRH.

Gabe Bergado

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