Prince Philip was one of the forces that glued that royal family together. As such, his retirement impacted the British clan negatively.

In an article she wrote for The Telegraph, royal expert Victoria Ward said that the Duke of Edinburgh ruled the royal family with an iron first until he stepped down from his post two years ago.

As a working royal, the public noted that it was Queen Elizabeth’s husband, as the head of the royal family, who kept a firm grip on palace businesses. He was also the one who ruled over the younger generations of royals.

Royal biographer Christopher Wilson described the 98-year-old royal as the guiding hand and disciplinarian of the royal family. Since his retirement, there had not been a central command at Buckingham Palace.

Unfortunately, there has been a disintegration. But royal correspondent Richard Palmer told Express that Prince Philip deserves to not get involved in the daily stresses and strains involving the royal family especially since he’s already very old.

However, it is quite obvious that Her Majesty missed her husband’s very hands-on approach to family matters.

“He might have been a much stronger voice advising Andrew if he had been around more. While the Queen is head of state and has always been in charge of the monarchy as an institution Philip, now 98 and living a quiet life at Wood Farm in specially adapted accommodation on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, has always been head of the family,” he said.

Palmer went on to say that Prince Philip and the Queen talk to each other on the phone regularly but they don’t see each other as frequently as they used to.

“The couple speak every day on the phone but it is understood that they have not had an extended spell under the same roof since Philip left Balmoral in early September.  She went to Sandringham for a long weekend last month and he has been to Buckingham Palace once since then,” he said.

Prince Philip ‘Disciplinarian,’ ‘Guiding Hand’ Of Royal Family, Clan ‘Disintegrated’ After His Retirement Prince Philip attends the Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. photo: Getty images/Jonathan Brady-WPA Pool