Prince William is slowly preparing for his future role as King and as the head of the British monarchy. Every day, the dad of three has a very busy schedule that includes constant communication with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

Whenever Prince William is at Kensington Palace, he starts his day by reading and replying to two boxes worth of paperwork. The Queen also does the same thing every single day even when she’s on her summer and Christmas vacation.

Prince Charles would usually write a handwritten letter to his eldest son about work, and Prince William will respond to it. The back and forth between the father and son prove that they are closest than they have ever been.

The Duke of Cambridge also calls texts or emails his staff at the Kensington Palace. And on top of this, he also has frequent meetings with Her Majesty.

But despite Kate Middleton’s husband’s very busy schedule, Prince William reportedly regards his school run-ins as sacred. The dad of three is the one who brings and picks up his two older children, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte, from school.

Meanwhile, the Queen has been preparing Prince William for his future role as King even when he was just a young boy. Royal expert Robert Lacey previously said that when the dad of three was a teenager, the Queen would ask him to open state boxes and guide him through her paperwork.

“There has always been a special closeness between William and the Queen, and she has taken a particular interest in him,” Lacey said.

And now that the Queen is 93 years old, Prince William is also expected to accompany his grandmother on more royal engagements and visits. Middleton’s husband has also taken on more responsibilities in the royal family ever since his grandfather, Prince Philip, retired from his royal duties.

Prince William’s Daily Schedule Includes Reading Handwritten Letters From Charles, Meetings With Queen Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William wave to the crowds from Buckingham Palace during the Diamond Jubilee carriage procession after the service of thanksgiving at St.Paul’s Cathedral on the Mall on June 5, 2012 in London. photo: Getty images/Dan Kitwood