Prince Charles is expected to follow in Queen Elizabeth II’s footsteps and become the next head of the monarchy when he is crowned as King.

However, a recent poll revealed that thousands of people still don’t want the heir to the throne to take over his mother’s role. Express readers were asked to name their choice for the best monarch and the result is quite surprising.

Princess Anne, who is not in line to take over the Queen’s throne, was named as one of the readers’ choice for the best monarch. One reader said that she favors Princess Royal for the top job followed by Prince William.

Another respondent said that the mom of two actually deserves the top job because she has been named as the hardest-working royal of 2018. In fact, she was able to complete more royal engagements and duties compared to Prince Charles and Prince William.

The options created by Express did not really include Princess Anne since she’s not in direct line of succession to the throne. But one respondent said that if her name was included in the choices, more people would’ve voted for her.

Prince William, unsurprisingly, received the greatest number of votes with approximately 63 percent of the 4,000 readers who participated in the survey. The Duke of Cambridge is second in line to the throne, and he is set to take over the monarchy.

Some of the readers that chose Prince William over Prince Charles also noted the fact that his wife, Kate Middleton, would be an outstanding Queen.

“Our regal Catherine, future Queen Consort. Prince William, you did very well… Thank God for you both… Her Majesty must be well pleased,” one fan wrote.

The Prince of Wales came in second place with 18 percent of the votes. Prince Harry was also chosen by some readers as the best monarch, but he only earned eight percent of the votes.

And when it came to the younger generation, Princess Charlotte received more votes than his older brother, Prince George.

Princess Anne, Prince William Top Choices For ‘Best Monarch,’ Not Charles, Poll Suggests Pictured: Princess Anne Princess Royal, Admiral of the Royal London Yacht Club is seen during the Royal London Yacht Club Champagne Party at Lendy Cowes Week at the Royal London Yacht Club on August 6, 2018 in Cowes, England. photo: Getty images/Chris Jackson