Princess Diana lived with a heartbreaking fear up until the day she died. And her negative thoughts had to do with her broken family background.

On the podcast “images of Diana,” journalist Natasha Kaplinsky said that the Princess of Wales had a heartbreaking belief as a result of her failed marriage to Prince Charles. And during an interview with 2012, Rosa Monckton said that same thing.

During her conversation with the late royal, Princess Diana said that she fears the possibility of the public not loving her once they get to know her better. After all, her own parents and husband left her behind.

Princess Diana’s parents divorced when she was still very little, and the mom of two partially blamed herself for the decision. As an adult, the Princess of Wales felt what it’s like to be abandoned after she and the Prince of Wales separated.

The late royal also said that she finds it quite confusing to hear people who she doesn’t know tell her that they love her. But in her mind, the minute they get to know her as well as her parents and ex-husband did, they would also have a change of heart.

Meanwhile, Monckton also talked about the vacation she and Princess Diana had decades ago. She said that the two of them went to Greece for six days, and they managed to dodge the paparazzi.

“On 15 August, the two of us went away to Greece for six days on a tiny little boat. And it was really a perfect holiday. And for once nobody found her because we were on such a tiny little boat and every evening the captain would look at the news and he would see ten helicopters, everybody, looking for her, huge boats everywhere and we would go somewhere else,” she said.

While in Greece, Monckton and Princess Diana went swimming, chatting, eating, sleeping, drinking, and island hopping. Monckton said that Princess Diana must have felt that she went on her first holiday ever.

Princess Diana ‘Feared’ Public Won’t Love Her Because Her Parents, Prince Charles Left Britain’s Princess of Wales arrives at her London health club. photo: Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty Images)