Princess Diana and Prince Charles were never right for each other, claims a body language expert.

Robin Kermode previously told Express that there were already several signs suggesting that Prince Charles and Princess Diana weren’t meant to be together during their engagement interview.

“It is particularly poignant to revisit the famous engagement interview after 36 years. We shouldn’t forget the scale of the media pressure on these two young people – a pressure that most of us couldn’t possibly handle,” he said.

Talking about the engagement interview of the royal couple itself, Kermode said that the manner and style of the interviewer’s questions and the responses of Prince Charles and Princess Diana seemed like they were from different worlds.

“As our facial muscles are busier when we’re speaking, we can put on a mask or a front quite easily, but having to listen to comments about ourselves when we are trying to be still will reveal lots of little signals. Some of the clips appear to show the contrast between Charles and Diana,” he said.

The body language expert described Prince Charles’ look as assured while Princess Diana looked sadder while she was listening to her fiancé’s responses. Princess Diana’s lips and mouth were also oftentimes held together, her eyebrows are lifted, and her cheeks are pushed forward with watery eyes.

Kermode also observed how Prince Charles would often defer to Diana during the course of their interview. The future King looked at Princess Diana first before answering some of the questions and the one where he said, “Whatever in love means.”

The body language expert also said that the use of the word business when talking about courtship was one of the most exciting things he heard from Prince Charles. The heir to the throne also spent so much time looking down and avoiding the camera.

Kermode also said that Prince Charles’ mouth was pulled tight and upwards which suggests that he was sad at that moment. Despite all of this, the couple still pushed through with their Wedding in 1981.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles ‘Were Never Meant To Be’ For This Reason Pictured: The Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales Diana, are pictured attending a centenary service for the Royal College Of Music on Feb. 28, 1982 at Westminster Abbey, London. photo: Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty images