“Project Runway” Season 16 is expected to feature a huge change in its upcoming episodes, and host Heidi Klum revealed that some designers were far from thrilled about it.

On Aug. 17, the reality TV competition will introduce models of all shapes and sizes – a first in the history of “Project Runway.” While speaking with entertainment Tonight, Klum shared what the reactions of the designers were when they found out that they would have to dress models of all sizes.

“They kind of went like this, ‘Ah?’ A lot of them actually weren’t too happy about it. But this is the real world. Not everyone is, you know, runway figure or what the runway figure used to be. You have to dress real people, and real people come in different sizes: short, tall, more voluptuous, skinny. There are many of us, and so a real designer needs to know how to do that. So get with it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Lifetime has dropped a promo for the upcoming episodes of “Project Runway,” which showed one of the designers walking out on the host and judges. According to Klum, fans of “Project Runway” need to watch the episode because this was the first time it had ever happened on the show.

“I have never had this happen before, especially when I’m like, ‘Hey guys, what’s going on?’ and they don’t listen to me either, they just walk away. I’m like, ‘Wait a minute!’ I’m like, ‘What’s going on here? You guys are a little too comfortable in my studio,’” she said.

In other news, Klum currently acts as judge in NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” Season 12. Her golden buzzer pick, Angelina Green, 13, is set to take the Dolby Theater stage next Tuesday for her first live show performance.

While speaking with People, the teenager said that she wants to make not only her mom and brother proud, but also Klum since she gave her the golden buzzer. “I really want to make Heidi proud and I want to show her that I deserved to get the golden buzzer,” Green said.

“Project Runway” Season 16 will premiere on Lifetime on Aug. 17. “America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesday and Wednesdays on NBC.