Proof That Pitch Perfect 2 Is REAL A Cappella

There’s been a lot of wicked whispers about whether instruments were used for “cheating” on some of the songs in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2.

So it’s only fair that we show you this definitive proof that every song on both soundtracks are real singing and real a cappella.

The clip from Beats by Dre, shows Hailee Steinfeld putting together her lead vocals for her original song, ‘Flashlight’ (written by Sam Smith and Sia, fyi) – as well as the process of building the backing track.

Vocal producer Harvey Mason Jnr explains how he layered the track using vocal drum beats, rythms, harmonies and sub-bass, adding: “It’s pretty crazy stuff to build. All of the drums are all voices, a lot of body slaps, things like that.”

Proof That Pitch Perfect 2 Is REAL A Cappella
By MazSight

Hailee previously admitted that she had no idea she could sing before PP2, adding that she was so untrained that she couldn’t even match her backing track for her first scene and instead had to sing live on set. 

She blabbed: “I was SO nervous. The first time I sing in the movie is when I audition to become a Bella and I had pre-recorded my vocals, but for some reason, on the day, I couldn’t for the life of me match my vocals and lip-synch properly. So I ended up singing it live, like really. It was really, really terrifying.”

You sound pretty awesome to us, Hailee!

Josh Feldman

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