Queen Elizabeth II looked bloody furious while delivering her 65th Queen’s speech.

The monarch gave a speech that set out the government’s agenda for the next month which took place at a session of the Parliament. Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis shared her observation during the Queen’s speech on social media.

“Im sure she’s not. But she looks furious. #QueensSpeech,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I’m pretty confident she’s bloody furious,” another netizen wrote.

Many netizens agreed that the Queen didn’t look amused. Another said that the monarch had that “very displeased look amidst the diamond glitter.” A different netizen said that the Queen was surely furious.

“HMQ usually nods & smiles & hovers for a chat afters. None of that! Whole thing took place in probs record time. Never seen so many empty seats. Near gallop between Chambers,” a different user added. “Bozza smiled face covered in self congrats smirk while surrounded by chizzed off others.”

In related news, the Queen reportedly told John Humphrys that she would never do an interview with him. The retired TV presenter shared that there was a time when he was invited to a lunch with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

After their lunch, Humphrys asked the monarch if they could do an interview. He even gave her the reasons why they should do an interview. However, Her Majesty wasn’t convinced and told him that if she would do an interview it would certainly not with him.

Queen Elizabeth II holds various titles including duke and lord despite being female. At home, she is simply called “The Queen.” However, when in the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey, she is called the Duke of Normandy. She is also called Duke of Lancaster in the ancient Duchy of Lancaster.

When in the Isle of Man, the Queen still maintains a male title. She is called Lord of Mann just how Queen Victoria was styled.

Queen Elizabeth Looks Furious, Like A Hostage Reading Ransom Letter In Speech Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II announced a list of new bills ranging from implementing a yet-to-be finalised EU divorce agreement to criminal sentencing photo: POOL / Tolga Akmen