Queen Elizabeth should be the last sovereign of the United Kingdom, and a Republic should take her place, according to a commentator.

During his appearance on the “Jeremy Vine Show,” television commentator Kevin Maguire said that Her Majesty should be the last sovereign of the United Kingdom to give way to a member of the Republic. He also said that the Queen’s new nickname should Elizabeth the Last.

“The whole thing is just a farce, in reality, isn’t it? We’re holding on to a much-broken line coming from warlords which we change every now and again. You say no one will have a go at the Queen – alright, she can stay there for the end but I’d like her to be ‘Elizabeth The Last,’” he said.

Maguire went on to say that the United Kingdom shouldn’t follow in the footsteps of Sweden, but they should consider taking after France’s road by having a Republic. This is the only way for Great Britain to be “great” again.

Just recently, King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden removed his two younger children and five grandchildren from the Royal House. Princess Madelaine, Carl Philip, and their consorts and children are no longer entitled to their Royal Highness title. As such, they will no longer receive public funding.

King Carl’s five grandchildren will maintain their ducal duties and will continue to be members of the Royal family but not of the Royal House. The recent changes will also relieve King Carl’s two younger children from their royal duties.

In the past, Prince Charles has also expressed his desire to trim down the British monarchy. As such, he refused to assign Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie as working members of the royal family. The decision reportedly upset Prince Andrew because he wants his daughters to receive royal funding.

However, the Queen has not expressed her desire to remove the titles of her granddaughters. It is unclear if this will happen once Prince Charles is king.

Queen Elizabeth Should Be Last Sovereign, Called ‘Elizabeth The Last,’ Commentator Claims Queen Elizabeth II is seen at the Chichester Theatre while visiting West Sussex on Nov. 30, 2017, in Chichester, United Kingdom. photo: Getty images/Stuart C. Wilson