As if R. Kelly wasn’t facing enough legal troubles at the moment, a Minnesota judge just gave him something else to worry about. 

The R&B singer had a 1:30 PM hearing at the Hennepin County Court on Thursday, however, after he pulled a no-show, TMZ reported that the judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t his fault. 

Why not? Well, because he’s currently behind bars in chicago at the Metropolitan Correctional Center for federal sex crimes. 

According to the entertainment news site, Minnesota’s D.A. office shared that prosecutors in the state are aware the federal authorities in the northern District of Illinois are unwilling to give them access to Kelly until his federal case is resolved.

So basically, the Midwest state will be waiting a while to get their hands on the 52-year-old for the two criminal charges they have against him – engaging in prostitution with someone under 18, and hiring/offering/agreeing to hire someone for sexual contact.

Steven Greenberg, Kelly’s attorney, quite possibly had the best response to news of the warrant. 

He told TMZ, “They never came to get him, wtf was he supposed to do, telepathically transport himself?”

R. Kelly’s federal trial is set to begin on April 27, 2020.

R. Kelly Update: Court No-Show Not Singers Fault, Arrest Warrant Still Issued In this handout provided by the Chicago Police Department, Robert Kelly (R. Kelly) poses for a mugshot after his arrest on Feb. 22, 2019 in Chicago. photo: Chicago Police Department via Getty images