Reese Witherspoon’s Birthday: Her Best Backstage Instagram Pics

We’ve all seen the glamorous moments of her life on the red carpet.

But Reese Witherspoon also gives us a glimpse of life as an A-lister behind-the-scenes, from primping for a girls’ night out to the “glamour” of backstage at international film festivals.

As Reese celebrates her 39th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her backstage MazSight pics.

1. Reese’s Backstage Lippy

“Cat is out of the bag! The surprise guests on @FallonTonight were me, this lip gloss, #SteveCarell, and @theellenshow…and the combination is a must-see. #FallonTonightLA #Password (Also- I wanted to add I read your responses to my last post of where I was and my favorite guesses were speed dating, waitressing at Waffle House, and the Miss America Pagent – spelled like that. A+ for creativity) Video here and in profile: http://bit.ly/1C1a6D6”

So THAT’S what Reese gets up to backstage before going on TV talk shows.

It’s not just girls’ nights out that Reese does her own lippy for, it’s also big TV appearances.

The actress snapped a pic of herself applying that lip gloss before her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in February 2015 with Steve Carell and Elle DeGeneres.

Who needs a make-up artist anyway, right?

2. Reese’s Backstage Hair

“#LadyInRed prep… #GoneGirl #NYFF”

She might be happy to apply her own lippy, but Reese gets the pros in to comb her hair.

Reese let us into her backstage primping ahead of stepping out on the red carpet for Gone Girl at New York Film Festival in October 2014.

3. Reese’s Backstage Hubby Prep

“#TBT ❤❤❤❤ Pre-Oscars”

It’s not just her own backstage primping that Reese shares with her social media followers.

She also shows us how her husband, Jim Toth, gets ready before big events, like in this pre-Oscars pic Reese shared in February 2015 as a Throwback Thursday memory of the big ceremony.

How ADORABLE is Reese standing on her tippy toes to reach up and fix her foot-taller-than-her hubby’s bow tie? Super cute.

4. Reese’s Backstage Grazing

“50 shades of #grazing… #Horsdoeuvres #AboutLastNight #Oscars #DakotaJohnson”

Talk about getting provocative with a sausage on a stick.

Reese got all Fifty Shades of Grey as she grazed backstage with Dakota Johnson at the Oscars in February 2015.

5. Reese’s Backstage ‘Glamour’

“Behind-the-scenes last night with @lesliefremar, all dressed up for my #Wildmovie #TIFF14 premiere. #glamorous #notsoglamorous #girlsjustwannahavefun”

Reese gave us a peek behind-the-scenes before her big Toronto International Film Festival appearance for Wild back in September 2014.

Leaning against cardboard boxes = as glam as it gets. Gotta love that #notsoglamorous hashtag.

Keep sharing the backstage moments Reese, and we’ll keep wishing we could sneak back there IRL.

Colin Lecher

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