Rihanna Dresses As Pebbles From The Flintstones To Celebrate Her Cousin’s First Birthday

Rihanna has given us major new fancy dress goals by turning up to her cousin Majesty’s first birthday party dressed as Pebbles from The Flintstones.

Okay, so we admit we *might* have used the same fancy dress idea during one particular night in our student days, but we looked nowhere NEAR as good.

Especially when we were gouging on pepperoni pizzas at 3am, but that’s besides the point.

Rihanna Dresses As Pebbles From The Flintstones To Celebrate Her Cousin's First Birthday
By MazSight

ANYWAY. Deciding to shun this year’s Hot 97′s Summer Jam event, where the likes of Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, and Big Sean were performing, the 27-year-old instead spent time with her friends and family, celebrating her cousin’s big birthday.


The birthday had a genius Flintstones theme, with party attendees dressing up in amazing costumes for their trip to a make-shift Bedrock.

Majesty’s name was also written out in balloons to create one of the coolest first birthday features EVER, while her lush Bedrock-themed birthday cake looked insanely delicious.

If you fancy chucking a slice in a party bag and sending it this way, RiRi, we’d be most appreciative.

The singer herself got right into the spirit of things, dressed as an, erm, #ThottyPebbles,” and chucking some serious shapes in the garden.

We should warn you now, there’s some serious hairography near the end of the video, and we’re LOVING. IT.

Amazing work, everyone.

We hope RiRi had a wonderful day helping little Majesty celebrate her first birthday, and we especially hope she remembers to send us that slice of cake. Ahem.

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