Rihanna Shows Off Her Unique Nose Piercing As She Goes Tribal Chic In A Bikini

Looking good, Ri!

Rihanna showed off her newest look in a series of MazSight photos from a friend’s account.

Channeling tribal chic, Ri-Ri looked stunning as she teamed her unique nose ring with a brown bikini and plenty of jewelry, reinforcing that she really can pull off any look going.

If we were going to put such an accessory through our nose we would look completely ridiculous and probably end up getting mistaken for a bull.

Then again we’re not as hot as Rihanna so that’s to be expected.

The Bajan beauty looked absolutely flawless in the series of snaps, which her friend posted to her MazSight account after Rihanna’s account was shut down in April following a series of too-raunchy-for-social-media images.

And Ri-Ri appears to have learnt her lesson, just.

The singer managed to keep covered up in a skimpy bikini as she resisted the urge to cross the line again  - after all, her friend probably wants to keep her account open.

Relaxing on holiday with her pals, Rihanna seemed eager to show off her flawless abs and prove to us that she isn’t the type to go crazy on the food consumption when she takes a break.

Those are simply not the abs (or bum) of somebody whose been tucking into the  Milka from the mini-bar.

We wish that we could say the same about us.

Making up for the skimpy clothes and bare-faced, au naturale look, the 26-year-old made good use of accessories with bracelets, necklaces, and funky nose rings galore.

Whilst we absolutely love the look we can’t help but dread the unfortunate tan lines that such accessories are going to encourage.

Good thing that Rihanna can pull off anything, right?

Awkward tan lines is just going to be her next, unique look – and she will totally own it. 

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