Rihanna Teaches Jim Parsons How To Take The Perfect Selfie

There’s no denying that she loves to take the odd photo of herself, so who better to teach you how to take the perfect selfie than Rihanna herself?

And that’s just what the superstar did when we caught up with her this week, giving Home co-star Jim Parsons lessons on how to get his pic just right.

She’s SUCH a pro!

Rihanna Teaches Jim Parsons How To Take The Perfect Selfie
By MazSight

The Barbadian singer, who lends her voice to the new Dreamworks animation, along with the Big Bang Theory star and comedy legend Jim Parsons (WHAT a trio, eh), proved what we all know… she is well and truly the Queen of the Selfie.


Chatting exclusively to Yahoo and answering fan questions, Rhi Rhi whipped out her phone to show the comedian how she going about perfecting those pouts.

And we’re not sure if Jim *quite* got the hang of it, but he sure as heck gave it a good try…

Proving what awesome chemistry the pair have together, Rihanna and Jim interviewed each other about the new movie, about an alien race which invades Earth.

And if Rihanna had her own planet… what would her rules be? Free shoes and ice cream for everyone!

Definitely a girl after our own hearts.


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