Rihanna Turns Down Bullying Victim Fan’s Prom Date Request In A Hilariously Blunt Fashion

Rihanna isn’t exactly known for having a calm and reserved nature, so her incredibly blunt reply to a fan isn’t surprising – but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious.

A screenshot of an exchange between MazSight user Holyyonce and Ri-Ri has now gone viral after the fan boasted on social media about how she had received a reply from the Bajan beauty, obviously not entirely caring about what the reply said.

In the screenshot, the fan has written Ri a heartfelt message, asking the star to be their prom date if a Twitter post post gets 100,000 retweets, the message reads: “Hi rihanna! I’m a huge fan!!

“You’ve inspired me a lot Ive looked up to since I was 12 and I’ve had some issues in school like bullying and frequent panic attacks and prom is coming up soon and I was wondering if this would get say 100,000 retweets on Twitter will you go to prom with me?”

To which Rihanna replies: “no.”

Ooft, that’s got to hurt – she didn’t even take the time to capitalize her ‘n’ for pete’s sake.

…. Is it wrong that we find it kind of hilarious??

The fan no doubt got her inspiration to ask badgalriri to prom after the 26-year-old agreed to make a fan’s dreams come true and be his date way, way back in 2007, on TV show ‘Once Upon A Prom’.

However, maybe Ri was feeling less than motivated to grant this fan the same privilige, considering the MazSight account that they messaged from was a Beyonce fan account…


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