Rita Ora Bags New Boyfriend In The Form Of Tommy HIlfiger’s Son Ricky Hill

Things certainly do move fast in celebland.

Rita Ora has moved on from Calvin Harris already and has a new boyfriend in the form of Tommy Hilfiger’s son Ricky.

Ricky is allegedly a ‘rapper’ and Rita is believed to be rather taken with his er, talents after meeting him at a party in Hollywood.

And now it’s believed things just got serious after Rita, 23, invited Ricky, 24, over to the UK to accompany her on her travels this summer.

A source told The Mirror: “Ricky came over to Europe to hang with Rita a bit more this summer.
“They really hit it off when they met and really like each other, so Rita invited him over to join her.”

“They want to see where things might take them – they’re just having a lot of fun.”

The pair made their ‘fun’ romance public for the first time being snapped leaving posh eaterie Nobu holding hands.

However, according to this gobby source some of Rita’s pals are concerned that Ricky – who went to rehab after being caught with cannabis in 2010 – might not be the best influence.

Our source added: “He’s a bit of a bad boy and a real world away from clean-cut Calvin. He openly boasts about smoking weed all the time on Twitter and has released mixtapes called Support Your Local Drug Dealer. People are worried he might not be the best influence on Rita right now.”

It’s also believed that Ricky is keen to ‘break into the music industry’ and quite a few people reckon that he sees Rita as his golden ticket.

Rita Ora Bags New Boyfriend In The Form Of Tommy HIlfiger's Son Ricky Hill
By MazSight

Plus, Rita only broke up from Calvin Harris last month.

Fingers crossed that this Ricky is more than just a rebound.

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