Rita Ora: I’m Ready For The Voice UK Backlash

Rita Ora has admitted that she is ready for the potential backlash her appearance on this year’s series of The Voice UK could cause.

Speaking to Yahoo Celebrity and other reporters at The Voice UK Series 4 launch yesterday, the 24-year-old singer explained she’s prepared for the ‘ups and downs’ her taking part on the show may bring – particularly on Twitter.
Rita Ora: I’m Ready For The Voice UK Backlash
By MazSight

“I check on it anyway but honestly, anytime I go on Twitter there is always the good and always the bad,” she told us.

“I try to just blank out what I don’t want and I take in what I want to keep.

“I’m ready for the ups and downs but for me there are only ups. It’s out now so I can’t do anything about it. I’m happy I made this choice.”

Well from what we were shown of episode one, Rita has NOTHING to worry about.
Rita Ora: I’m Ready For The Voice UK Backlash
By MazSight

The RIP songstress also went on to explain that what viewers will see of her on screen is what she’s like in real life as people would be able to see through any facade she may have attempted to put up.

“Joining this TV show was where I was like, ‘you know this is reality, I’m going to be an open book to the public, opinions are going to come out of everywhere,’ it has already happened but this time will be ten times more intense,” she said.
Rita Ora: I’m Ready For The Voice UK Backlash
By MazSight

“All these eyeballs, everything is kind of intensified by 20 million thousand! People have seen my music videos and a few interviews now and again. I’ve said to myself, ‘I can only be myself.’

“If I was to be anyone else it will kind of come out that I was lying because eight hours straight of filming you kinda of start getting exhausted.”

The Voice UK returns to our screens this Saturday on BBC1 at 7pm.

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