Rita Ora In ‘Gay Slur’ Row After MAJOR Word Vomit On Graham Norton Show

You know when you’re like, REALLY nervous, or you’re about to meet a whole load of people who you don’t really know, and in an effort to ‘fit in’ you try and make a joke?

…and the joke doesn’t really come out the way you thought it might, and then the whole experience makes you want the ground to kind of swallow you whole?

Yeah. That sort of happened to Rita Ora on The Graham Norton show last night.

The newly-appointed X Factor judge was on to perform her new song ‘Poison’, and was joined by fellow guests Ewan McGregor, Lewis Hamilton and Jack Whitehall.

So anyway, Rita comes on, kisses and hugs everyone – so far, so good, all very showbiz. Nothing too awkward. Then, as the ‘R.I.P’ singer went to sit down, she said: “It’s so exciting to be here with all the blokes… and Graham.”

Oh cripes.

The chirpy chat show then host made a bit of a confused face whilst there was lots of nervous
laughter coming from the audience – all of which lead Rita to do a “I’M KIDDING! HA. HA .HA” and give Graham a bit of a prolonged forced cuddle.

Yeah, all a bit weird – and now, she’s come under fire from some of those in attendance, who claimed that the slight on Graham’s masculinity could have been interpreted as a  bit of a gay slur.

Or just like, the worst word vomit ever.  

A member of the audience later told The Daily Star: “My sister and I couldn’t believe it when she said it and there were quite a few mutters from the audience.”

“Graham was very professional but he must have been taken aback. It was just a rude thing to say and a bit homophobic.”

Graham and the BBC don’t seem too bothered by it all though, with Mary Collins, a spokeswoman for the organisation, dismissing Rita’s comment, saying: “No offence was meant and none was taken.”

Well thank god for that, eh?

Next time, it’s probably best to just stick to a “Hi guys, I’m so happy to be here.”, huh Rita?

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Jolene Creighton

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