Rita Ora Just Can’t Stop FLIRTING On ‘The Voice’

Oooh Rita Ora you salacious little minx. The newest addition to The Voice UK judging panel is apparently having a little bit of trouble when it comes to some of the male contestants.

And when we say trouble, we basically mean she can’t stop flirting OUTRAGEOUSLY with all the helpless young men.

This week, the ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ singer focuses in on the positively angelic Emmanuel Nwamadi, who stuns the judges with a high-pitched take on the Sade ‘classic’ – ‘Sweetest Taboo’.

Well if any song is going to make you feel a little frisky then we suppose it’ll be that one.

The muscle-clad singer made West London apologist Rita come over all giddy, and she couldn’t even look the poor fella in the eye.

“You’re so handsome: Really distracting. I can’t look.”

All right love, calm yourself yeah?

But despite whipping herself into an apparent frenzy over all the aesthetically pleasing specimens of manhood, Rita’s still got her eyes on the prize and is determined to win the show.

Speaking to those fine fellows at Radio One, Rita said: “I joined The Voice and I thought: ‘now I’ve joined it I might as well win it.’

“I am competitive but I’m friendly competitive – I wasn’t exactly like spitefully competitive. But I think we’re all very secretive competitive and then we just smile at each other at the same time.”

Who knew it was all so ‘cloak and dagger’ at the BBC, eh?

And despite concerns from fans that the show would interfere with the recording of her much-anticipated second album, The Ora revealed that she’s been able to balance the two pretty well, thanks very much: “I’ve recorded a few episodes last year so it’s given me time to work on my album, but I will be there  for live shows, obviously. I’m so excited for the live shows! Make sure everybody votes for Team Rita.”

Yeah all right, less of the aggressive campaign tactics Rita, IT’S NOT THE GENERAL FRIGGIN’ ELECTION.

The 24-year-old singer also filled everyone in on what to expect from tonight’s episode – with her and Sir Tom Jones going head-to-head: “This is where the me and Tom pitching starts to get into place.”

“I start pitching against Tom, and this is where the Welsh Invasion happens and you know, Tom being Welsh thinks that all the Welshes are going to go with Tom but ha! Rita’s got something up her sleeve!”

A leek perhaps? Who knows with this one.

Remember kiddos, The Voice UK is on BBC1 at 7pm tonight, OK?

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