Rita Ora Reveals She’s STILL Not Over Calvin Harris

Well they do say that time’s a great healer, babe.

Rita Ora has revealed that things ain’t been too fantastic of late, as she’s STILL struggling to get over her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Speaking to Glamour Magazine, the ‘R.I.P’ hit maker said that she was having a hard time of it, but that she still ‘adores’ her former tonsil-tennis partner: “I’m gonna tell you the truth: I’m not doing too great.”

“But, I’m doing better than I thought. I adore him and he’s such an amazing human being. It was more about the situation. It was inconvenient. It sucks. It wasn’t about ‘us’. It was about the world we live in.”

Sounds pretty cryptic if you ask us.

Oh by the way, did we mention that model/actress/singer Rita is actually CURRENTLY linked to another dude at the moment? Tommy Hilfiger’s son – Ricky – who we bet is just feeling GREAT hearing about all of this emotional baggage.

The singer spoke of how when Calvin dumped her (*sobs*) in June, it took her 5 WHOLE DAYS to get over the initial shock and get her shizz together and reply to Calvin’s infamous tweet:

“It took me five days to write three sentences. It was massive… I don’t know.”


Luckily for Rita-Kia-Ora, the under-cut enthusiast has some pretty fantastic pals to lean on when the going gets tough.The singer gave her partner in crime and sherbet aficionado Cara Delevigne a massive shout-out for ‘BEING THERE 4 HER XOXO’ – as well as bigging up fellow pop princess Ellie Goulding:

“Only a few people in this industry stick by their word and those girls do,” she said. “It’s a pact. I can smell the difference.”Smell the difference? Clearly Rita knows her way around a pheromone better than we do.

Still, nice to see this bunch of gals sticking together through thick and thin. Just like Sex And The City, eh ladies? (‘We wonder which one is Samantha’ blah blah blah)

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