Rita Ora’s Boobs Nearly Make A Break For It On Alan Carr’s Chatty Man

Another chat show appearance, another daring choice of outfit for the sartorially brave popstar, Rita Ora.

Our favourite Kosovan cross-over act sat down with the housewive’s favourite Alan Carr last night, to chat all things ‘The Voice’ alongside her fellow judges.

However, there was an extra guest on Alan’s sofa last night – Rita’s mirrorball boob, which had decided to make a break for it and try and escape her trouser-suit before she’d even sat down.

What an eyeful, etc.

And as much as we’re huge fans of Rita’s, we can’t help but feel the ever present boob-age just distracts us from the more important things, like what weird thing Will.I.Am is going to say next.

Eagle-eyed Ora noticed that everyone was having a gawp from the moment she sat down, and thankfully for all concerned she bravely addressed the issue:

“Every time I come on this show it’s something to do with my outfit,”

“I didn’t know if I wanted to wear a bikini or a suit so I wore both.”

Oh, we know exactly what you mean babes – sometimes we don’t know whether it’s going to be too sunny or too rainy, so we just walk out of the house without a top on but wear wellies.

The singer also wore the same outfit when she was out and about with her fellow judges in London this week, doing a spot of filming.

Poor woman looks frozen to death!

Luckily for the ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ singer, both boobs managed to stay firmly inside the nuclear missile-resembling brassiere all evening, preventing any red faces from Sir Tom Jones or indeed the popstar herself.

Lets just hope that everyone’s second-favourite Rita (Rita from Corrie will always be our number one home-girl) manages to continue with the success she’s had so far in keeping her boobies reigned in, and away from the eyes of a nation.

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