Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Spotted Getting THE BUS Home After Partying On New Year’s Eve

Celebrities – they’re just like us aren’t they? Well, OK maybe not, but when it comes to astronomical taxi fares and shivering in a back alley whilst you frantically keep refreshing your Uber App, it turns out we’re all pretty much on the same page.

And no-one more so than edgy couple du jour Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs, who decided to skip the queue for the taxi rank on New Year’s Eve and head straight for the night bus, along with the rest of us peasants.

Presumably they’d both remembered to top-up their Oyster cards.

The pair, who went public with their relationship last August, had been bustin’ a move down at the London Fields Brewery in East London.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that they were joined at this edge-tastic rave by not only Frank ocean, but also David Schwimmer – AKA Ross from FRIENDS?!?

What a night, eh kids?

According to a source at The Sun, the pair blended in seamlessly with all the other oh-so-trendy East London types: “Rob was wearing his trademark scruffy beanie and Twigs was cuddled up in his arms on the top deck, dressed all in black. They looked adorable and blended in completely.”

“Twigs looked like she was sleeping at one point – they’d clearly had a good time at the party.”

To be honest, who HASN’T fallen asleep on the night bus at least once?

Here’s hoping that Rob woke her up before the ended up 6 miles away from home – wish we’d had someone to do that for us this time last year.

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