Robert Pattinson, Lindsay Lohan, Jessie J Among Latest Celebs In Ice Bucket Challenge

Robert Pattinson has starred in what is quite frankly our favourite Ice Bucket Challenge video yet.

No-no, R-Patz has starred in our favourite R-Patz film ever made.

Yep, this is even better than Twilight.

The actor, who refuses to join the world in the joys of social media, had his video posted to pal Zac Efron’s Instagram page, admitting in the video that he had no buckets so “had to improvise”.

And improvise he did.

We get treated to an arty black and white Robert grimacing in preperation for a SAUCEPAN full of ICE CUBES dumped over his head – not a drop of water in sight. 

Like, he may as well have just waited for it to hail and stepped outside. 

Behold the hilarity:

You win, Rob – and please oh please get your own MazSight page if this is the kind of stuff that we would be treated to. 

Robert Pattinson might be our fave newest celeb to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but he is far from the only new addition. 

Lindsay Lohan got her turn during an appearance on an American talkshow, and she uses her nominations wisely, nominating none other than PRINCE HARRY.

We really, really hope that Hazza takes her up on that.

Still not quite as good as Shakira nominating the Pope. 

Poor Jessie J had to do the challenge not once but twice after her pal pretty much missed her entire body and just splashed Jessie’s back with the ice water when she was entrusted with the honour of tipping the bucket, here is the video that made the cut:

Sex And The City’s Sarah Jessica Parker also shared her efforts and wins our prize for ‘Most-Random-Choice-Of-Outfit-Whilst-Completing-The-Ice-Bucket-Challenge’.

Stood on a balcony and dressed only in a white towel and, no doubt expensive, jewellery, things could have gone terribly wrong if the force of the water was greater than the strength of the towel, if you know what we mean.

Seemingly shocked by just how cold the ice cold water was, Sarah releases her inner Carrie Bradshaw in a girly squeal, whilst fans can be heard cheering from below the balcony:And now for one of the most random Ice Bucket  Challenge participants, which proves just how viral this entire craze is going – George Bush.

Yes the actual George Bush, former President of the United States.

Claiming that it “wouldn’t be presidential” of him to have the water thrown over him, Bush begins to write a cheque à la President Obama.

However, unlike President Obama, Bush’s wife appears and beautifully empties the bucket over her husband’s head.

The ACTUAL former President has done the Ice Bucket Challenge, yet Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson are still yet to accept their nominations.

And not that we are counting, but it has definitely been over 24 hours for Louis, just FYI.


Meanwhile, Mel B followed in Cheryl’s footsteps and accepted Simon Cowell‘s nomination, meaning that we’re just one Louis Walsh away from an X Factor full house.

Channing Tatum and his wife also adorably got in on the action, with Channing holding her close whilst a friend empties the bucket. 

As sweet as it may be, it did mean that she was shielding our view of his wet T-Shirt, which we weren’t over the moon about to say the least.

We are actually excited to see who will be the next celeb to take on the challenge because, to be honest, this is getting out of hand. 

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