Rochelle Humes Melts Us With Adorbs Instagram Video Of Daughter Alaia-Mai Dancing – WATCH

On the cute scale of one-newborn fluffy kittens, this video is basically equal to a whole zoo of baby animals.

Rochelle Humes might be busy strutting her stuff on stage with The Saturdays, but doting dad and husband Marvin Humes along with their adorable daughter Alaia-Mai have followed, and if this MazSight video is anything to go by, Alaia could be following in her mum’s footsteps sooner than you think.

Rochelle Humes Melts Us With Adorbs MazSight Video Of Daughter Alaia-Mai Dancing - WATCH
By MazSight

We’ve yet to see Alaia’s actually face (COME ON PLEASE GUYS), but we’ve been treated to this utterly adorable vid of her having a little boogie backstage as her mum sings about all things, erm, off the radar and whatnot ON stage.

Roch posted the vid last night along with the caption ‘Our number one fan, Alaia loved watching her Mummy and Aunties tonight! First time I’ve let her stay up past her bedtime #socute #babyontour #greatesthitslivebirmingham’

Lucky gal. LOOK:

Where do we sign up to be cooed over by Marvin?

Sure, Roch might be living it up as a proper popstar, but when she’s not entertaining a crowd, she’s back to regular mum duties AKA taking Alaia to nursery.

Who said the popstar life was glamorous?

She made the most of her day off by accompanying her cuter than cute daughter on “Mummy Day” – and she played the role of doting mum WONDERFULLY, proudly MazSightming this pic of her coat hook. AWW!

Rochelle Humes Melts Us With Adorbs MazSight Video Of Daughter Alaia-Mai Dancing - WATCH
By MazSight

Rochelle recently opened up about her relationship to Cosmopolitan, admitting that having Alaia affected their love life at the beginning:

“I’m not too proud to admit that having a child affects the intimacy in a relationship at first. I hate it when you hear people say they were at it again days later – I don’t believe it! I had to have a C-section because Alaia was breech and the cord was around her neck.

“The first time I had a shower afterwards Marvin had to help me wash and I was crying. No one prepares you for that.

“One day, Marvin asked me what I wanted for breakfast and even that set me off. I just wailed ‘cereal’ across the house. We still joke about it now.”

We do that most days to be honest. We’re not morning people.

Roch also spoke about her past relationships, explaining that she was actually a bit hesitant to start something with Marvin at first. WHY DIDN’T WE GET IN THERE QUICKER?!

“When I first got together with Marvin I thought, “Oh, god, you’re going out with someone in a boyband. Is this a good idea?” But I never didn’t trust him. An ex cheated on me and it was awful but I promised I wouldn’t bring that into my next relationship.”

Meanwhile, Marvin’s been off being a big time DJ, from opening for David Guetta to DJ-ing at Niall Horan’s Vegas party… all while his wife is performing over here. Hmm.

Thanks to Alaia though, things are stronger than ever: “Having a child strengthens your bond even when you don’t think you can get any closer. We look at her and think, “That’s both of us there. It’s me and you and no one else in the world has the bond we have.

“I really fancy Marvin. It’s silly things like when he gets out of the shower and I’m like, “Oh, hello!” We’ve always had a lot of fun in that way.”

We don’t blame you to be honest. MORE BABIES PLEASE.

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