Rod Stewart And Penny Lancaster Filming Osbournes Style Reality Show

The Kardashians might currently be the undisputed champions of reality TV, but it seems that there’s another famous family who are poised to steal their crown.
Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster are reportedly in the process of filming their own fly-on-the-wall series for E!, in a similar style to MTV’s The Osbournes.
Yeah, we think that this could be all kinds of amazing.
According to reports, the 70-year-old star and his (rather gorgeous) 43-year-old model wife have already let the cameras into their LA pad, which will be the main setting for the partially scripted show.
A source told The Mirror: “Rod is very proud of his family and he wants to show everyone that. He will star very much as the dad, and it will show he has kept things together.”
Rod’s 35-year-old daughter Kimberly, who he had with his first wife Alana, is also set to feature heavily in the show, as is her brother Sean.

The insider added: “Sean has a very prominent role as does Kimberly. There will be some ups and downs but they are keen to show that the Stewart’s are close and they enjoy themselves.

“This is huge for them, the family are hoping this is the start is something big for them.”

Rod Stewart And Penny Lancaster Filming Osbournes Style Reality Show
By MazSight

The reality show, which airs in June, has been dubbed the “most modern family show ever”, as even Kimberly and Sean’s half brother and Ashley Hamilton and HIS dad George are set to appear.

Phew, that’s one crazy old family tree… we predict some serious japes on the horizon, folks!

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