Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood: ‘One Direction Are Handling Zayn Malik’s Departure Just Fine’

One thing that we know for sure is that anybody who is anybody wants to be Harry Styles’ friend – from Rod Stewart to Zach Braff, once these celebs meet him they seem to want to stick by his side forever.

Probs something to do with how ruddy lovable and amazing he is, but that’s just a theory.

Perhaps one of the most iconic of Harry’s ever-growing list of pals is Rolling Stones’ music legend, Ronnie Wood, who performed with One Direction at The X Factor last year and has stayed in close contact with the 21 year old.

Well, it’s yet to be confirmed that Ronnie is aware that he’s talking to Harry and not his doppelganger, and Ron’s best pal, Mick Jagger, but we’re going to assume that he is one of the few who can actually tell the difference.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about his night performing with the boys, 68-year-old Ronnie shared: “That was a culture shock – it was really fun.

“I think I got 500,000 new Twitter followers overnight!

“They’re lovely boys.”

Ugh, tell us something that we don’t know, Ron.

Speaking about hanging out with the curly-haired one, Ronnie went on to praise just how bloomin’ well our fave foursome have been doing since Zayn Malik’s shock departure back in March.

He dished: “I saw Harry the other day, he’s a big supporter of the Stones and he seems to be rocking on.

“I think they thought: ‘Ok, we’ll just adjust and carry on’.

“I think they’re handling it ok.”

We’d say a whole lot more than ‘ok’, but we understand that Ronnie wants to try and keep it cool, right?

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