Royal Baby Girl: David Beckham And Cheryl Fernandez Versini Lead Celebrity Well-Wishes

We’re not gonna lie, we had kinda been on hold for the entire month of April waiting for the newest member of the royal family to be born, but just two days into the month of May it has been confirmed that Kate Middleton has given birth to a Healthy baby girl.

N’aww, an actual real life princess.

And while we’re still waiting for all of the official details, y’know, like her name, we thought we’d have a gander at what some of those celeb types have had to say about the birth, and it has all been rather lovely:

First up there was birthday boy David Beckham, who took to his Facebook page to gush: “Incredible news. I couldn’t be happier for William and Kate.

“Happy to hear that mother and daughter are fine. It’s not a bad day to be born.”


Then there were many stars who kept it all quite simple:


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