Russell Brand Hits Back At ‘Parklife’ Revolution Jibes With Cringeworthy Parody Video


Russell Brand has hit back at the internet after they mocked his long-winded and overarticulated rants by comparing them to 90s Brit anthem ‘Parklife’.

It was actually really funny.

The bushy-haired lothario-turned-revolutionist has turned the tables on his haters by getting in on the joke, filming his own parody video of the song in what is perhaps the most cringe-worthy thing that we will see all week.

Maybe even all November.

The original Blur song was a hit back in 1994 and featured Phil Daniels reciting spoken lines, such as “Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as,” followed by Damon Albarn shouting the track’s title.

Twitter user Dan Barker soon realised that  extracts from Brand’s new book ‘Revolution’ work perfectly with PARKLIFE being shouted out at the end and a LOT of lolz ensued. 

Russell’s initial reaction to the jibes was a lot less than positive than his latest approach, taking to his Twitter to rant: “It’s weird how highly paid, privately educated journalists who work for the corporate media attack my book Revolution.”

And how did his followers respond?

Three guesses….

Once the hilarious Vine videos started to emerge, Russell obviously realised that the old saying is true – if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, so he rushed off to make the video which sees him slagging off the government and society as we know it followed by ‘Parklife’ and various other two-syllable words which rhyme.

One of the many gems that you’ll find in Brand’s version of the song, after he has slammed private schools and called David Cameron an ‘ar*e wipe’, includes: “‘Spose we could just distract ourselves with consumer trinkets from companies that exploit our resources and dont pay their taxes…. STARBUCKS.”

We can’t help but feel that Russell’s one-man campaign to overthrow the government, and no doubt elect himself King of the world, is going to end up falling totally flat.

The question is, when will Mr. Brand realise this?


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