Russell Brand Reveals That He Is ‘Celibate’ And Is Trying To Be A Feminist

We never thought we’d really see the day that notorious womanizer Russell Brand would give up sex and call himself a feminist, but we also never imagined a world where Mila Kunis would be sued for stealing a friend’s chicken so, as this week has proven, anything can happen.

And no, we weren’t joking about Russell.

The comedian turned political type has previously admitted to having his wicked way with over a THOUSAND women in the past, but revealed at the premier of his new film that he’s now decided to be celibate.

Stop laughing guys, he’s being serious.

Speaking to The Mirror the 39-year-old explained: “We need to be more nourishing and open to our femininity and I’m saying that from the position of a man who’s recently celibate.”

And on top of that, he reckons women ought to have more respect too, adding: “I grew up in old sexist Essex, I’ve got loads to learn on the subject of feminism.

“I think the loss of femininity in our culture is to the detriment of us as men.”

Er, to be honest we’re not entirely sure what he is trying to say with that one but here’s hoping he brushes up on his feminism knowledge soon, eh?

Russell is renowned for his lothario ways and has had high profile relationships with a whole load of celebs, including his ex-wife Katy Perry, who he wed in October 2010 before calling time on their romance after just fourteen months.

Previously the star has admitted that when he returned to the single scene he had a “bit of a reaction” and enjoyed getting to know (WINK) a string of different women, sharing: “I had a little bit of a reaction after the split.

“Like, if you’ve been on a diet of rice for a while and then suddenly Willy Wonka said, ‘I need you to run my chocolate factory’.”

Hmm, what do you reckon his odds are on sticking to this celibacy thing? Because we are starting to seriously have our doubts…

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