Russell Brand: Treat Katie Hopkins With Compassion, She’s In Pain

Russell Brand has made a plea to the public to treat Katie Hopkins compassionately following her controversial comments on migrants.

Taking to his Youtube channel ‘The Trews,’ the 39-year-old compared the 40-year-old columnist to Heinrich Himmler, but implored people not to treat her how she treats others.
Russell Brand: Treat Katie Hopkins With Compassion, She’s In Pain
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He said: “The only option is to treat her compassionately, we can’t look at her the way she looks at immigrants, as some sort of weird, disgusting cockroach thing that’s dispensable and should be crushed.

“What we should do is be really loving to her because anyone who talks like that is in pain. We’re in a sick society in which there’s a huge deficit of love.”

Brand was referring to Hopkins’ The Sun column where she compared migrants resorting to desperate attempts to start a new life in Europe as ‘cockroaches’.

An estimated 950 people fleeing poverty and humanitarian disasters died after a boat capsized in the Mediterranean sea.

“A notable psychological and ideological compatriot of Katie Hopkins is Himmler – remember, from the Nazis? He said that Jews are bed bugs and rats and it was the duty of mankind to extinguish them,” Brand continued.

“And when Katie Hopkins says we should have gunboats repelling immigrants she is expressing a comparable mentality.”

While Brand backs the campaign to remove Katie from The Sun, he begged her to consider ‘coming back to humanity’.

He continued: “Katie, please. Come back to humanity,” he begged. “I don’t think there’s any point in condemning her, or trying to silence her, or anything.

“I think just acknowledge that that is a mentality. Not only that, it’s not an extremist one if you take policy. It’s just someone describing what’s happening. It’s not her fault at all, she’s just the pus emerging from the pimple of our policy.

“If compassion is not a component, then there’s no humanity left to save. Once we kill the compassion in ourselves, we are all then cockroaches, waiting for the apocalypse, and it can’t come quickly enough.

“What you can do is find your own humanity, look for the humanity and connection you feel for other people and be kind.”

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