Russell Brand’s Birthday: His Starriest Twitter Pics

He’s got plenty of famous mates.

And Russell Brand is happy to snap a selfie when he’s hanging with his celeb pals, whether he’s one-on-one or in a starry group of Olly Murs, Lucy Beaumont, “Wossy” and “Kee-Noo Reeves”.

As Russ celebrates his 40th birthday today, we’re celebrating with his starriest Twitter pics.

1. Russell’s Starry Keanu Reeves Selfie

“There is no selfie.”

If there wasn’t quite enough Keanu in the top pic for your liking, feast your eyes on this.

Russell was in quite the starry selfie-taking mood during his appearance on Jonathan Ross’ show in March 2015, not only taking group selfies but also zooming in on individual ‘slebs.

2. Russell’s Starry Jamie Oliver Selfie

“Essex boys pursuing revolution – Watt Tyler would be proud.”

There must have been something in the water in Essex when Rusty and Jamie were created.

As these two fellas are both forging forward with their revolutions, and looking very happy to have the chance to hug it out with a like-minded lad.

3. Russell’s Starry Olly Murs Selfie

“All cool at Trew Era Cafe, New Era Estate. And here I am with @ollyofficial”

You know you’re on the same level with your pal when you both pull a face in a selfie.

Very impressively expressive eyebrows you got there, Olly and Rusty.

4. Russell’s Starry David Walliams Selfie

“’@davidwalliams: Who says our love is wrong…? @rustyrockets ‘ it is precious”

If Russell’s facial expression with Olly made you giggle, just cop a load of this.

Both Russell and David are looking hil-a-rious in this “precious” pose.

5. Russell’s Starry Miranda Hart Pic

“Me and @mermhart serving up ice cream for @watsoncomedian #markwatson text “Mark” to 70005 to donate”

Yes I think I would like to be served ice cream by Russell Brand and Miranda Hart please.

Keep sharing the starry selfies Rusty, and we’ll keep wishing we were in your friendship group.

Jolene Creighton

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