Russell Kane Is FIVE Years Older Than He Claims To Be, Is Really Almost 40

STOP! PRESS! Russell Kane has apparently been caught out lying about his age and is really five years older than he claims to be, pushing the grand ol’ age of forty.

And obviously this is the first time ever that a celeb has lied about their age….

The Sun newspaper has come forward to report today that the comedian, who says he was born in 1980, was actually born in 1975 – making him 39 years old.

For those of you who can’t be bothered to do a bit of mental arithmetic (fair enough, it’s still early), he was previously thought to be aged 34.

A source, who knows the intimate details of Rusty’s life for no apparent reason, told the paper: “The truth is he was born in 1975.

“He is very sensitive about his age because his work is mainly on youth channels and sadly, age does matter.”

Ouch, don’t worry Russell – we never would have twigged it.

Bizarrely, the insider goes on to reveal the star’s anti-ageing secret, adding: “He’s worn a lot of eyeliner in the past in an attempt to cover it up.”


Russell’s current Wikipedia profile has his date of birth listed as 19th August 1980, but it hasn’t been verified as it still reads that a citation is needed, which seems to be further evidence to support this gossipy source.

In the past, Jonathan Ross has also referenced the comedian’s mysterious age during his opening speech at the 2012 Comedy Awards, quipping: “It’s like Russell Kane’s real age. No one has any idea.

“Could be anything.”

Well there you have it, Jonathan, consider the myth surrounding Russell Kane’s age well and truly busted.


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