Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes DON’T Have A Nanny For Baby Esmerelda

They’re the perfect family.

Eva Mendes made the entire world jealous when it was revealed that she was seven-months pregnant with dreamy Ryan Gosling’s baby.

And now the gorgeous actress has opened up for the first time about being a first-time mum, and has revealed that motherhood has given her some of the craziest nights of her life.

Speaking to The Violet Files, Eva joked: “I’m completely exhausted.

“I thought my wild nights were over but these are some of the wildest nights I’ve ever had.”

And it’s unsurprising that the 40-year-old is feeling all tuckered out, with the beauty also revealing that she shunned the celebrity norm of hiring a nanny to care for her little’un, and is instead doing all of the hard graft herself.

Well, with Ryan and their extended families of course.

Eva shared: “I’m doing it without a nanny for now but I’m open to the idea of having a nanny in the future. Esmeralda has two amazing grandmothers and incredible aunties who come over and really help me.

“But as far as a nanny or a night nurse, for me that part of being a mother at this early stage is the struggle of not being able to sleep and not knowing what I’m doing and really going through it with her and battling out those nights.”

And the Cuban-born star has also gained a new respect for her own mother now that she has had a taste of what it’s like staying up all night and mopping up sick: “I cannot believe that by the time my mother was 24 she had three kids under the age of four.

“She was in Cuba and totally alone. So when it’s the wee hours of the night and I’m feeling a bit insane, I think about her and realize that I have no right to complain about anything.”

Baby Esmerelda was born in September and obviously everybody assumed that the power couple had opted for a Disney theme when it came to choosing their daughter’s unique name.

And although Eva has now confirmed that Esmerelda was named after the heroine of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, it was actually taken from the novel rather than our fave childhood film.

“We both love the Esmerelda character from the Victor Hugo novel,” Eva revealed, “We just think it’s a beautiful name. 

“Her middle name is Amanda, which was my grandmother’s name. It means ‘beloved’ in Spanish.”

We just hope that little Esme has an adorable goat sidekick while she is growing up…

Whilst Eva is refreshingly honest about how tough it is being a mum, she is also very empathetic towards her little girl, insisting that it’s harder to be a baby than a mother.

She argues: “I’ve learned that it’s way harder to be a baby. Everything is a struggle for her.

“For instance, I haven’t thrown up since the ’90s and she’s thrown up twice since we started this interview.

“Motherhood is cake compared to what it’s like to be a baby.”

That’s one way of looking at it we suppose.

Although considering Esmerelda has the A+ genes of both Ryan and Eva, we’re not going to start feeling too sorry for somebody who is no doubt going to end up being the most beautiful person on the planet. 

On the other hand, she will probs have to grow up dealing with the pesky paps – something that her parents are all too aware of.

Explaining why she didn’t reveal her baby news until two months before her due date, Eva says: “Whether we like it or not, privacy is going to be very difficult for Esmerelda.

“I think it’s unfair but that’s our reality. So Ryan and I decided early on to give her as much privacy as we could, and my pregnancy was the first opportunity to give her that.”

Totally fair enough.

Although we’re not going to lie, we are a tiny bit gutted that this means we probs won’t be seeing a photo of Esmerelda anytime soon.

Sounds like Eva has taken to motherhood like an absolute pro. 

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