Rylan Clark’s Birthday: His Best Strike A Pose Instagram Pics

He’s got plenty of modelling under his belt.

So it’s no surprise Rylan Clark can strike a pose with the best of them, whether ‘The X Factor’ alum is posing like a sailor on a boat or sharing bedtime selfies on MazSight.

As the TV presenter celebrates his 26th birthday today, we’re celebrating with his best poses.

1. The casual arm up pose

‘Tour bus chilling with @dolcegabbana and @kylieminogue’

Looking for a lesson in how to perfect that casual I’m-not-posing pose? Looky here. The ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’ host gave a master class in February 2013.

First off, find something to lean on. If you’re sitting down, so much the better. Prop your elbow on said thing to lean on, and pop your hand on your head (making sure not to actually lean on said hand; you don’t want to mess up your hair now, do you?).

Then gaze into the distance. Sunglasses are a helpful prop here, as you only have to position your head in a nonchalant manner rather than your eyes as well. THE EYES ARE ALWAYS A GIVEAWAY. Oh and don’t forget a subtle pout. Subtle, mind you.

2. The sexy pose


Erm HELLO SAILOR. How hot does Rylan look in this shot? Brap indeed.

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ winner knows exactly how to do The Smoudler. Both hands behind the head + blue steel stare + slightly open mouth = HOT HOT HOT.

The black and white is key too. Very Athena poster.

3. The intriguing pose

“My first WhoSay !!! X”

Ooh there’s nothing like eyes wide open and mouth snapped shut to make us wonder what exciting piece of news someone’s keeping to themselves.

Rylan looks fit to burst with some major announcement in this snap, his first on WhoSay. Who say? Well, Rylan’s certainly not saying, keeping his lips clamped shut over those famous gnashers.

4. The bedtime pose

“Ready for bed x”

You know how it is. You wash your face, brush your teeth, get your PJs on and you’re about to jump under your duvet when it hits you BAM. That one crucial pre-bedtime part of the routine that you’ve forgotten. Take a selfie. Obvs.

Rylan didn’t make such an error in February 2013 when he shared this shot of himself ready for bed. And what’s the most important part of a bedtime selfie pose; a yawn? Of course not. A pout, natch.

5. Four for the price of one pose

“Call or delete….”

Thanks to the wonder that is the Insta collage, Rylan treated us to not one but FOUR poses, and not just one star but TWO in this selection of photobooth-esque shots with Nick Grimshaw.

When Rylan and Grimmy played the Radio One Breakfast Show game Call or Delete back in April 2013, they took time out to pose for a few fun pics, giving Rylan ample chance to show off his many facial expressions, from mean-and-moody-pouting to (literal) tongue-in-cheek.

Keep sharing the poses Rylan and we’ll keep practicing in front of the mirror.

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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