S Club 7′s Hannah Spearritt And Paul Cattermole Back Together After Hannah Dumps Her Fiance

When we were younger the only couple that gave us more relationship goals than Ross and Rachel was Hannah Spearritt and Paul Cattermole – the real life lovebirds of iconic school disco group S Club 7.

After a rollercoaster of emotions over five years, which included Jon walking out of S Club, a band split, a love split, and a band reunion, Hannah and Paul are firmly back on – which is a little bit unfortunate for her jilted fiancé Adam Thomas.

According to Adam, who has had a VERY big natter with The Mirror, Hannah dumped him completely out of the blue in favour of her former flame – which came to a shock to him as she appaz used to slag Paul off all the bloomin’ time.

How’s that for cheeky, eh?

Speaking to the paper, Adam dished: “Hannah moaned to me until she was blue in the face about Paul – she said he was so fat he could hardly dance.

“And now she’s with him. He’d moved into my bed before it’d got cold – that’s the biggest kick in the teeth.

“I’d do anything for that girl. I was so happy. I wanted her to be my wife. I wanted children with her. I saw the rest of my life with her.”

Bless him.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, poor Adam has had his nose rubbed into their relationship tenfold thanks to that old nuisance known as modern technology.

Highlighting the trouble with sharing an iCloud account with your significant other, Adam was left feeling pretty rubbish when loved up selfies of his ex and her new beau started to flood his iPad.


“It was a matter of weeks before pictures of them began popping up,” he explains, “I didn’t want to see them looking all loved-up. It was a shock.”

Hannah and Adam met through a mutual friend back in May, 2013, and the two got engaged after just seven months and he wasn’t at all threatened when his girlfriend was set to reunite with her ex when S Club 7 got back together, because he was pretty certain that she didn’t actually like him.

Adam dished: “Paul would call Hannah all the time. She used to listen to him whine on the phone – she’d put it on loudspeaker and walk off and leave him to ramble.

“She used to say ‘ugh – I can’t believe I used to have sex with him’.”

It was all going pretty well until Hannah apparently text Adam last week asking to cut all ties, saying that she had moved on, recalling the heartbreak, Adam shared: “I cycled straight around to her house like a maniac. I walked straight in and there they were both sitting there.

“I wanted to understand why she was with him when I had to listen to three months of her moaning about him being so fat, letting the band down, not turning up to rehearsals, ­calling her every night and not leaving her alone.”

“I loved her so much. She was the most amazing girl I’d ever met but overnight she just changed character. She wouldn’t speak to me, she didn’t want me in the house. It was weird.

“We hadn’t drifted apart. She cut off emotionally. She was like a different person. I don’t ever want to see Hannah or speak to her again.”


In hindsight, perhaps this isn’t the most iconic reunion of our childhood – after all, the background to the romance has kind of put a sting in the tail, hasn’t it?

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