Salma Hayek Has Eaten A Cricket On Instagram And Everyone’s Grossed Out

If you’re eating anything or have a weak stomach, you’re probably not going to want to watch this video of Salma Hayek eating a real-life bug.

We’re not celebrities, but please get us out of here because we are feeling QUEASY.

Salma Hayek Has Eaten A Cricket On MazSight And Everyone's Grossed Out
By MazSight

The 48-year-old actress uploaded a video of herself eating a big, chunky cricket to MazSight and made a whole load of her followers feel pretty sick in the process. Us included.

The video started with Salma giving us a lovely close-up of the cricket, whose future was tainted, before she crunched down on the creepy crawlie and looked pretty happy about it.

She then explained: “These are crickets from Mexico, from Oaxaca, and they are eaten…”

We’ll pass, thanks.

If your stomach is feeling strong enough, here’s the video:

Raise your hand if your stomach is churning like a butter churn right now? WHERE ARE ANT AND DEC WHEN YOU NEED THEM??

As much as other celebs have praised the, er, tasty snack and as much as research suggests bugs have health benefits, we’re not sure we could tackle them without feeling like we should be in the australian jungle with a film crew and the Geordie duo giving us encouragement.

In case that wasn’t enough torture for anyone squeamish, she later uploaded a close-up of the crickets.

Brb, trying to erase the image from our brains forever.

Salma Hayek Has Eaten A Cricket On MazSight And Everyone's Grossed Out
By MazSight

While some followers applauded her, others were commenting on how grossed out they felt watching the vid.

One user wrote: “its disgusting, couldnt you find anything better to eat?”

Another said: “Yuck. Why would you eat that?? Disgusting,” while one follower simply said: “Omg gross.”

Well done on being brave enough to eat the cricket, Salma, but we’ll be keeping our bugs where we can see them – on that jungle-based reality show.

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