Sam Bailey DROPPED By Simon Cowell’s Record Label!

Poor old Sam Bailey. The X Factor 2013 winner and Sharon Osbourne enthusiast has been given the elbow by Simon Cowell – dropping her from his Syco record label.

But…but… she bagged a Number One album – just in time for Mothers Day, remember!? We were relying on Sam to release an album of saccharine covers EVERY year for Mothers Day as a last minute present we could pick up at the station. WHAT DO WE DO FOR MOTHERS DAY NOW, MR.COWELL?!

Sam, AKA ‘Screw-Bo’, won the contest back in 2013, beating off stiff competition from the likes of… who was it again? OH YEAH, Luke Friend and Nicholas McDonald.

What a year that was, eh? So memorable.

But despite achieving a Number One album and managing to pull off wearing a Christmas tree as an outfit in G-A-Y last year, it wasn’t enough for Simon to remain enamoured by the Bailey’s charms.

Speaking to The Sun, a source said: “Music is a tough business. Simon realises most X Factor winners have a short shelf life.”


A faceless spokesman from the record company confirmed the devastating news, saying: “Sam Bailey is no longer with Syco.”

The memory-savvy amongst you might remember that back in December, Sam thought she was at risk of getting the sack, now that bearded white-van-man Ben Haenow had become the apple of Simon’s eye


Speaking to The Mirror, Sam admitted: “My contract has finished today with Syco so I don’t know what is going to happen. I just don’t know.”

“There is a cooling-off period and then there are negotiations, so we’ll see. I could be unemployed tomorrow.”

And whaddya know, folks.

And to be honest, it can’t have come as much of a shock, as Simon never really seemed to be that keen on the Bailey from the off. At the start of the 2014 X Factor live shows, Simon told Metro that:  “Sam Bailey will have a very successful debut album. (Is she) going to be as good as the final year we did? No.”


But despite all the negativity, Sam looks set to be rising from the ground, like a Skyscraper (sorry/not sorry). Speaking to The Sun, she revealed that whilst she just LOVES the X Factor for what they did for her, all she wants to do now is ‘act’ and go on Strictly:

“I’m really grateful for everything X Factor has done for me. I’m going straight into a studio to write after the tour.”

“I would also maybe like to get into acting and I would love to do Strictly Come Dancing.”

“I’m happy I got my house extension – that’s what I entered the competition for.”

Well, every cloud, eh Sam?

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