Sam Bailey Investigated By Social Services AGAIN After Troll Accuses Her Of Being A Drug Addict

Poor Sam Bailey has been targeted yet again by trolls who have tried to claim that she is an unfit mother.

Last year’s X Factor winner was originally investigated by social services when a cruel hater falsely reported her for getting drunk in a club whilst she was pregnant with her third baby, Miley.

Funny thing is, Sam’s Teetotal.

After being cleared of the ridiculous accusations, Sam has revealed that just last month she was targeted again as the same woman claimed that Sam was a drug addict, making her an unfit mother to the now three-month-old.

Give the woman a break, geez.

Sam has now hit out at the troll, telling The Daily Star: “It’s disgusting. I’m absolutely distraught.

“I thought it was the end of it last time after I got the police involved but she called social services again.

“No matter how much of a good mum you are and how much you dote on your kids there’s always the fear that someone could take your kids off you because of what someone has said.

“I love my kids to pieces and would never do anything to harm them.

“The second time social services called I was in absolute bits. I was sobbing down the phone.

“Luckily I had already reported her to the police for harassment so could give social services a crime number.

“As far as I know she had already had a knock on the door to warn her about harassment and trolling but who knows if that will stop her.”

Ooft, we seriously hope that it does.

The 37-year-old added that more needed to be done about online trolling, something that we are sure many, many celebs would agree with.

Alongside her little’un, Sam and husband Craig are parents to nine-year-old Brooke and five-year-old Tommy, and the singer has learned the hard way that sometimes the haters don’t just stick to online forums.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity, Sam revealed that her eldest daughter was being bullied by her classmates following her mum’s rise to fame, sharing: “The kids are not fazed by fame at all.

“Brooke got stick at school as she took four friends to a Little Mix concert and some girls in her class said ‘The only reason you have got friends is because your mum is famous’.

“She came home and ripped apart all of her friendships to work out why they are friends with her, it broke my heart.

“And the thing is, you know that’s not something that the kids would just come out with – It’s obviously come from a parent and they are just copying them.”

Despite the impact that fame has on her family life, Sam also told us that she doesn’t actually feel famous, saying: “I switch between Sam Bailey and mum, I don’t see myself as famous.

“I still think I’ll pinch myself one day and wake up back in the prison cells.”

Erm… We think she means in her old job as a guard, not as an inmate… 

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