Sam Faiers: ‘I Had To Dump Joey Essex For The Sake Of My Sanity’

It’s the juicy TOWIE goss that we have all been waiting for, and finally the time has come to see what Sam Faiers has to say about her ex, Joey Essex, in her tell-all autobiography – and trust us when we say that it’s really not pretty…

Joe, babes, you might want to stop reading this one.

Refusing to hold back in the extract from her upcoming book Secrets and Lies: The Truth Behind the
Headlines, Sam rants: “If delusion was an Olympic sport Joey would have a gold medal.

“He is like Peter Pan, frozen in time and unable to handle anything bad or real. He plays on the ‘Little Boy Lost’ act and has always had a real skill for twisting things round to suit him because he has never really been made to grow up and take responsibility for himself.

“That’s why we had to break up, for the sake of my sanity.

“I hoped it would end in marriage and children, but in the end I didn’t know who he was anymore.”

Ouch, looks like chances of a reunion are well and truly scrapped, eh?

The reality star goes on to claim that Essex boy Joe was “obsessed” with her cheating on him, saying of their four-year on/off relationship: “He could never keep anything private – not only with TOWIE viewers but with his whole family.

“He played games and messed with my head. He was obsessed with the idea of me cheating even though I never gave him a single moment of worry.”

In the extracts published today by The Sun newspaper, Sam also reveals that she dumped her lover boy via text, which we reckon is probs a little bit harsh considering they were together for so bleedin’ long.

The star says that in the brutal break up message she told Joey that she wasn’t “prepared to sit back and watch him ruin his life” and that his “paranoia” was to blame for the breakdown of their relationship.

Previously, sources have claimed that Joey is pretty ruddy worried about what beans Sam might choose to spill in her memoir, with an insider telling The Mirror: “Joey is really concerned about what’s in Sam’s new book.

“He knows his relationship with her wasn’t perfect and he didn’t always behave in the best way so he’s nervous about the damage it could do.”

And judging by the sounds of things he had every reason to worry; something tells us that this is one slice of celeb beef that is far from being over…

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